Amazon ready to close its Prime Now fast delivery app

Amazon will be including the services of Prime Now to the Amazon app and website

prime Now

E-retail giant Amazon made an announcement that it is shutting down its Prime Now platforms. The users who wish to have a fast delivery for groceries and other goods will now have to order them from the Amazon App or website. The company has also said that the Prime Now and the website will be taken back from across the globe by the end of 2021.

Stephany Landry, the vice president of grocery at Amazon in a blog post said that the decision has been taken to make the experience of the customers even more seamless. Landry added that they are now moving from a different Prime Now app to the Amazon app and website. This arrangement has been made so that the customers can shop from everything that Amazon has to offer from one convenient location.

Here the customers will also be having the option two-hour delivery for the essentials and other products that are available in the website. The two-hour delivery slot will be available for the customers who order from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods and both of them are available on the app and website. Even the third party retailers and local stores that were being offered by Prime Now app will be removed and shifted to Amazon. These retailers include Union Square Wines & Spirits and the pharmacy chain Bartell Drugs.

Prime Now was launched in 2014 by Amazon and was mainly for the Prime subscription users who could get their toys, books and other household essentials delivered at home within two hours for a small fee. Earlier the service was launched in just a few cities but now the service is now available in nearly 5000 cities and the two-hour delivery is free of cost. Amazon has grown to different sectors in recent years and has made a lot of revenue since 2020 lockdowns as a number of people stayed indoors as a safety measure.

Photo Credits: Pixabay