Things to keep in mind while dealing with post COVID weakness

Post COVID weakness is something that a number of recovered patients are complaining of and is easily manageable


A number of people across the globe are getting infected of COVID-19. Most of the time the infection is manageable at home and the person needs to be home quarantined for nearly 14 days. A number of people who have recovered from the infection have complained of fatigue and weakness. This is the time when people need to keep certain things in mind as they recover post COVID. Here are a few things that you need to know.

1. Do not indulge in heavy work out – Even after 14 days of quarantine, the body continues to recover and continues to need rest. Make sure that you do not indulge in any heavy workout. You can do some mild exercise and go for slow walks. Meditation and yoga does wonders during the healing process.

2. Have early morning sunlight everyday – The sun is the natural source of Vitamin D and it is important to treat the body with plenty of it during the healing process. Everyday in the morning make sure that you take at least 15 minutes of natural sunlight.

3. Eat healthy – It is important to fill your stomach with healthy foods and avoid processed foods. The body has gone through a lot of stress and it is good to be gentle on the stomach and treat it with seasonal fruits and light food including green vegetables. Processed food can be heavy for the digestive system at this time. Eat foods which are easy to digest and try to avoid anything that has excessive sugar. Fried and ultra-processed foods are also harmful for the body.

4. Have plenty of sleep – Make sure that you are not sleep deprived. At this time you might be tempted to catch up with a few web series on OTT platforms since you are resting. But it is better to spend your time meditating and sleeping instead of spending time in front of screens.

Photo Credits: Pixabay