Three easy techniques to deal with stress and anxiety related to COVID-19

COVID-19 comes with a lot of stress and pressure and a few techniques help to deal with such issues


People across the globe are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and these are indeed stressful times. While some are able to stay at home and meet ends, but a number of other people are struggling to meet ends amidst a time when a number of businesses and entities are shut for safety. Under such circumstances it can be a challenge to keep your mental peace stable. Constant fear of getting infected can induce anxiety. But thankfully, there are ways of dealing with it. There are some effective yoga techniques that can help to keep calm and sooth the body and mind.

1. Deep Breathing – This is a simple technique, where you need to sit up with your spine straight with your legs crossed. While you hold this position, start breathing deeply. Take deep and long breaths and make sure that you keep your eyes closed like in a meditative state. While in a meditative state. Deep breathing is beneficial for the good health of the number of organs apart from your lungs.

2. Humming bee breath – For this again, you need to sit up straight with your legs crossed. With the help of your thumb of both hands, cover your ears and the four fingers can be placed to cover the eyes. In this position, take deep breathes and when you exhale, make a sound like a humming bee. Repeat this for nearly ten to 20 times and you will feel relaxed. Make sure that you practice this technique at a place where no one disturbs you. It can also be a place like a garden amidst your plants or at a place which is well ventilated.

3. The Kumbhaka practice – This is a popular practice that allows the person to hold their breath for a short while. Once again you need to sit with your spine straight with your legs crossed. Inhale deeply and hold your breath for nearly 20 seconds. And when you exhale slowly, you will feel some pressure on your lungs.

Photo Credits: Pixabay