Mother’s Day – Ways to make her feel special during the pandemic

Mother’s Day during the pandemic could discourage big celebrations but a few ideas can make her feel special

mother's day

Mother’s Day is just round the corner and this is a time when you need to make your mother feel special and loved. This year things are a little different as the coronavirus pandemic continues with its second wave. A number of people continue to remain at home and this means that the celebrations need to be private and indoors. But there are still ways you can make your mother feel special despite the pandemic situation. Here are a few ways you can make your mother feel special while at home on this Mother’s Day.

1. Begin with breakfast in bed – You can wake up a little earlier and make a delicious breakfast and treat your mother by serving some hot tea/coffee with breakfast right at the bed. You can make something that she likes to have on an everyday basis.

2. Attend an online exercise or fitness class – After you have had your breakfast, you can join an online fitness/exercise class to get those energy levels up. There cannot be a better way to get along and have some fun time while exercising.

3. Make hand-made cards – Instead of the commercial cards, hand-made cards are much more valuable and are well-appreciated. You can also pair them with some flowers. There are a number of DIY videos that can be found on the internet, that can work as a guideline.

4. Book a home spa – There are services these days that provide a spa service right at the comfort of your home. Gift your mom a detailed and a relaxing spa at the comfort of home and make her feel special and loved.

5. Bake a cake – Celebration is always incomplete without a cake. Show off your baking skills and bake a cake of her favourite flavor. If you like baking, you can also venture with an ambitious recipe.

6. Have a small celebration – While you cannot have a big celebration. You can just throw in some balloons and streamers in your living room and call for a small celebration with your family members and make her feel special.

Photo Credits: Pixabay