COVID-19 – Importance of double masking amidst the pandemic

Double masking is something that a number of health experts are recommending amidst the second strain of COVID-19

double mask

Since the world is dealing with the second wave of the COVID-19, it is important to take all the necessary precautions. It is indeed possible to remain protected , if proper precautions are taken like wearing a mask, washing hands frequently and social distancing. Amidst the second wave, health experts are stressing on the importance of wearing two masks at a time. The vaccines are being rolled out across a number of nations, but there are still many people who are waiting for their slots and have to continue to take precautions.

It is although advisable not to step out at this time, but if it is really essential, then people can wear two masks. Wearing double masks is like a two-factor safety. One can wear a 3 ply surgical mask that has a nose pin and that could be masked with a 3 ply N95 mask or a cotton mask. In this way, the person has an extra layer of protection to prevent the virus from entering the system.

Why two masks ?

Many times, the first mask attracts the virus in case of sweat and humidity. Under such circumstances, the extra layer of mask works like a back-up. Currently , wearing double masks is the best option but that does not mean that a person will not contract the virus at all. It is important to stay at home as far as possible and avoid places which are enclosed or not ventilated like public lifts.

Make sure that you get yourself registered for a vaccine and book your slot and wait for your turn. Even after you have got yourself vaccinated, you need to continue to take the precautions like wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing and washing hands frequently. Getting a vaccine will not mean that you will be protected completely from the virus, but it will help to reduce the intensity of the virus and would protect from a hospital trip.

Photo Credits: Pixabay