Things to keep in mind while recovering from COVID-19

COVID-19 indeed takes a toll on the body and it is important to keep in mind a few things when you recover


The coronavirus pandemic has affected people across the globe and has taken a severe toll on the health of a number of people. While a number of people have died of the deadly virus, majority of people are also recovering. People who have recovered of the virus and are no longer contagious, need to keep in mind a few important things. Here are a few tips from health experts that people recovering from COVID-19 need to keep in mind.

1. Include a lot of natural colors in your diet – As your body is recovering from the virus, it needs more of the nutrition that comes from a variety of fruits and vegetables. Green and leafy vegetables, seasonal and organic fruits and herbs are a must to be included and will help you with the needed nutrition needed during recovery.

2. Breathe – Since the virus affects the lungs, it is important to look after its recovery as well. Help yourself by exercising deep breathing from belly. It will help to reduce the stress and strengthens the lungs. The virus has indeed taught us to realize the importance of oxygen for the body.

3. Hydrate – It is important to keep drinking plenty of water including coconut water, vegetable stock, and lemon water which help to eliminate the toxins from the body and help to recover faster.

4. Avoid sugary foods – You might crave to have sugary foods, but that can add to the inflammation. It is a great idea to have dates, coconut water or jaggery as a substitute for refined sugar.

5. Avoid having heavy meals – The body at this point needs the energy towards healing the body instead of digesting heavy foods. Avoid processed foods like biscuits, chips and foods that contain refined flour.

6. Take it slowly – As you are on the way to recovery, it is recommended to take time to recover. The body has already gone through a lot and heavy exercising can put a strain on the body.

Photo Credits: Pixabay