Ways to take care of mental health during pregnancy in second wave of COVID-19 pandemic

Mental health plays an important part during the pregnancy and the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has made things more challenging

mental health

Motherhood is surely an amazing and unforgettable experience for a woman. It is pleasant as well as challenging. But amidst the pandemic, which is currently in the second wave, it becomes even more challenging for the expecting mothers to deal with the danger of the virus. There is a fear as the situation is more tense for people who are pregnant and it is certainly not good for the mental health of the women undergoing such circumstances. Here are a few tips according to health experts which can help with the mental health of women who are expecting.

1. Awareness of your mind – First step towards taking care of your mental health while being pregnant is to acknowledge that you are indeed upset. Recognize the signs of depression and you can also seek help from a professional. Be in touch with a doctor who will keep a regular check on your mental health.

2. Do not watch COVID news – The news channels these days are only displaying the situation surrounding the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, which is worse in some of the countries like India. It is OK to be curious, but this is not the time to be bothered about outside but it is important to take care of your sanity. Avoid watching, hearing or reading news about COVID.

3. Remain physically and mentally active – Apart from personal hygiene like washing hands and maintaining social distancing, it is also important to remain at peace and take care of your mental health. Happiness and peace for the expecting mothers helps in leading a healthy pregnancy term.

4. Have a control on your emotions – It is natural for the parents to be anxious and curious about the health of their baby, but amidst the second wave of pandemic when the situation is tense, it is wise to focus on the present moment rather than thinking about yesterday or the future.

Photo Credits: Pixabay