5 Factors that can trigger anxiety

Anxiety triggering factors that should be avoided


Anxiety disorder is a mental condition that has become common these days amidst the pandemic. A number of people across the globe are worried regarding different issues. It could be financial, domestic or professional. It is important to address the problems and also recognize the factors that could trigger an anxiety in a person. A number of people might not even know that they are prone to such disorders. Here are a few factors that could trigger anxiety in people and should be avoided.

1. Lack of sleep – Sleep is the crux of a healthy body. A number of experts have talked about the importance of having a sound sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours. Sleep and mental health are related and lack of it can put a direct impact on the psychological state of the mind. This could lead to anxiety issues.

2. Too much of alcohol – A glass of wine or a child bottle of beer is always soothing for people who are stressed. But dependence on alcohol can soon turn in to abuse and that could lead to alcohol related anxiety. Alcohol has the ability to affect the normal functioning of an individual.

3. Ignoring yourself – While it is great to take care of your family and people around you, but completely ignoring yourself is also not healthy. You need to take care of your needs as well. Treat yourself with some kind of relaxation and this helps in drastically reducing the chances of anxiety.

4. Medication side effects – Certain medications have side effects and it is best to avoid them as long as they are very essential. There are a number of medications that can develop anxiety problems. While taking medications, it is always wise to consult a doctor before you start taking a medication.

5. Stress – IT is hard to avoid stress, but there are indeed ways of dealing with it. Try to avoid some of the stressful situations that you are well aware of. For instance, there could be a few people in your lives you might consider as toxic. Avoid meeting such people.

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