5 Myths related to the COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 vaccine have been launched but a number of myths need to be addressed


Governments across the globe are running their respective coronavirus vaccination campaigns to get rid of the virus soon. A number of countries have been hit with the second wave of the virus that proved to be deadly. The coronavirus was new and after nearly a year, a few pharmaceutical giants managed to come up with an effective vaccine in record time. Despite the launch, there are a number of myths that are related to the vaccine that need to be addressed.

1. The coronavirus vaccine is unsafe as it is developed quickly – The actual formula for the basic vaccine was already in place. The vaccine that has been developed has gone through a rigorous process by different watchdogs across the globe and meet all the safety standards. Moreover, no steps were skipped. The fact is that the vaccine developed is safe to be administered.

2. The vaccine alters DNA – The first vaccines that were developed contain RNA which are messengers that instruct the cells to develop spike protein which is found in the coronavirus. This RNA does not reach the genetic material or the DNA as it does not enter the nucleus of the cell.

3. It affects fertility in women – This misinformation has been spread through social media that the vaccine attacks the syncytin-1 protein in the placenta that could lead to infertility in women. The fact is that there is amino acid sequence that is shared between a placenta protein and the spike protein and does not affect the fertility.

4. After receiving it, one will not contract the virus – The vaccines which are available these days indeed protect from the virus, but do not guarantee a complete protection. It will only help to reduce the chances of a severity.

5. Certain blood types have less severe infections for COVID – There is to enough reason to believe that certain blood types will lead to less severe infections of COVID-19. Getting vaccinated would mean protection to yourself as well as your family.

Photo Credits: Pixabay