4 Gadgets to be kept handy during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic can infect anyone at any time so one has to be prepared with a few gadgets that can be kept at home


The COVID-19 cases are increasing everyday as it is in the second wave. People world over need to be careful and remain extra cautious with the virus. It has been more than a year since the coronavirus pandemic kicked off and today a number of people know the basics of how to deal with it on the primary level. To remain cautious one can be equipped with a few basic equipment at home. While it is important to keep a check on your health, here are some of the basic equipment that everyone should have at home.

1. Pulse-oximeter – This is one of the most important gadget that you need to have at home. Oxygen levels in the blood is all that matters in COVID-19. This is the first stage that will help you to detect an infection. If the oxygen levels in the blood go below 95 percent then it is time to consult your doctor. Due to the infection the oxygen levels starts to drop.

2. SP02 sensor smartwatch – While you cannot always carry a pulse oximeter with you, a smartwatch that has an SP02 sensor can be handy and you can check your O2 saturation even when you are working out or are at work. Such gadgets are handy as you can have a check on your O2 levels even when you are busy at work and would be warned if the levels drop lower than it should be.

3. Digital or mercury thermometer – While a mercury thermometer could be hard to be used, a digital thermometer can also help. Fever is one of the main symptoms of coronavirus infection. The user has to just place the pointed side below the tongue and press a button and the body temperature will be displayed in a few seconds.

4. A nebulizer – A nebulizer is an old device, but is effective as it can provide a temporary relief for people who are facing difficulty in breathing. However, it is not a permanent solution but is surely a gadget that you should have at home.

Photo Credits: Pixabay