6 Luxury gift ideas for people who could not be invited for the pandemic wedding

The pandemic is a time when people are not able to invite a number of guests but they can be at least be treated with some luxury gifts

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As people continue to struggle during the coronavirus pandemic, some of the important events like marriages are being postponed or are being hosted amidst just the family members. Now people are holding wedding ceremonies in the presence of just 25 to 50 family members. While those who are not invited for the wedding could be sent a few gifts. Here are a few gift ideas for the guests who could not be invited for the wedding, but could be made feel special.

1. Jewellery box – This can be an excellent gift for the women. A perfect jewellery box can be the best thing that can be given as it serves as the best place to keep their precious belongings.

2. Fancy cutlery set – A fancy cutlery set can be a great idea that could be given to the guests who could not be a part of the wedding ceremony. Cutlery sets can look attractive and a number of people also love to have fancy cutlery sets with them at home.

3. Ceramic condiment set – This is another great item that could be given to the guests as it has a set of matching jars of the same size in fancy designs. It can have some exotic spices or herbs or even flavoured oils. This can be a wonderful way for the guests to have a decorative item in their kitchen.

4. Customized chocolates – This is one of the most trending gifts for the guests. You can pick the favourite flavor of the bride and the groom and get them packed in wrappers which have the names of the bride and the groom. Some people also include pictures of the bride and the groom which is very optional and innovative.

5. Fancy boxes with dry fruits – Dry fruits are given to people who are special and near to you. You can select some fancy boxes and fill them with dry fruits like raisins, almonds, cashew nuts and walnuts.

Photo Credits: Pixabay