4 Easy ways to train your pups from biting things

Pups have the tendency to bite things but there are ways that could help them stop doing it


Pups are indeed the cutest and it’s a great joy to have them at home as they shower a ,lot of love towards you unconditionally. It is the best feeling in the world when you come home after a long hard day and a little one comes out wagging its tail. However, they also come with a few responsibilities. Just like small babies, pups also tend to have teething problem due to which they start biting different items like shoes and destroy them. But the good news is that there are ways to stop your little one from biting just by following a few simple tips.

1. Distract them – Although for that you need to give them all the attention and keep them distracted like by playing fetch or training them since they are young. Just when it starts biting, have a toy nearby to distract it. This will also save you from bites.

2. Bring them teethers – Just like teethers for babies, there are also teether-like toys for pups. Since they cannot use their paws to pick up things, they tend to bite. Giving them chew toys will help them to be engaged with that particular toy and they will get rid of the habit soon.

3. Exercise – Exercise is a great way to make them too tired to bite things. You can go for long walks, run with them, play fetch, spend time training them to give them enough exercise. In this way, the pup will get tired and will no longer be interested in biting things.

4. Train them – The best way to stop them from biting is to train them. You could spend some money and hire a professional dog trainer, or can try yourself by training them at home by starting with some simple commands. Some of the simple commands like ‘stay’ and ‘sit’ can be easily inculcated in them. This will not just stop them from biting things, but will also make your dog more disciplined.

Photo Credits: Pixabay