McDonald’s franchise offers $50 for just turning up for job interview

McDonald’s continues to struggle for candidates for jobs due to which they are offering $50 for just turning up


A franchise owner of McDonald’s in Tampa, Fla. has started to offer $50 to people who just turn up for the job interview. With the recent offer, it could be understood how tough it has become these days to find applicants. The supervisor and the general manager of the franchise came up with an idea to pay all the potential employees who just show up for the job interview. The owner of the franchise had told the manager to do whatever they need, to get the applicants to the door.

Blake Casper the owner of the franchise said that at this point if they are not able to keep the drive-throughs moving then they can pay $50 for an interview. Casper currently owns nearly 60 McDonald’s restaurants in and around Tampa. The photograph signs that the Twitter users have uploaded have shown the text, “Get $50 for interview”. Such pictures have been placed outside the McDonald’s location of Casper as it offers monetary motivation.

Casper during an Interview said that it is the perfect time as a number of people have a lot of money and are around shopping, but on the other side they are also struggling for help. Apart from the interview incentive, the owner of the franchise added that he might even consider to increase the starting wages from $12 to $13 which is way above the minimum wage in Florida.

But the problem is not limited to McDonald’s but a survey by a group found that nearly 42 percent of the small businesses have said that they have had job openings but they could not fill them. These businesses have also blamed the unemployment benefits which were expanded. The owners of a number of businesses are still not able to fund the right candidate for the job as they continue to deal with the increased unemployment benefits. Moreover, even the pandemic is keeping the work force out of the labor force.

Photo Credits: Pixabay