Health benefits of switching to brown rice

Brown rice has a number of health benefits and is a great alternative to white rice

brown rice

Rice is one of the popular food items in a number of cuisines across the globe. Out of that, the brown rice is the favourite of people who are health conscious as it is high in terms of nutritional value when compared to white rice. It is a great food for people who are keeping a watch on their weight or are on a diet. Here are some of the benefits of switching from white rice to brown rice.

1. Stuffed with anti-oxidants – Brown rice is packed with anti-oxidants that help to fight with free radicals that are formed because of environmental issues. They help to provide all the essential nutrients for the body and also help to maintain the overall balance.

2. Great for weight loss – People who are trying to lose weight, but cannot be away from eating rice, brown rice can be a great alternative. Taste wise there could be some difference, but it can be made interesting by adding the spices of your choice and make it more consumable. Brown rice also helps the person to feel full for a longer time because of the fibre content in it.

3. Rich in calcium – it contains plenty of calcium which is important for the growth and healthy functioning of the bones in the body. If the body suffers from calcium deficiency, then it can lead to a number of problems like arthritis or frequent bone fractures.

4. Good for heart – The rice contains lignans that can be found in whole grains and seeds. Switching to brown rice, helps to keep a check on the health of the heart.

5. Contains natural oils – it contains natural oils that help to reduce the cholesterol levels. Natural oil is the best way to remove bad cholesterol from the body.

Tip – It could be cooled with a number of other pulses like kidney beans or chic peas to add some extra nutritive value to it and make it more interesting for the pallet.

Photo Credits: Pixabay