What is a micro wedding and how can it be made special

Micro wedding is the latest trend that has emerged during the coronavirus pandemic and has a number of perks

micro wedding

A number of people often dream about enormous and elaborate weddings. But due to the coronavirus pandemic across the globe, the trend of micro weddings has been on rise. Although some people might not like the idea of it, but they are not aware that such weddings could actually be made special. A micro wedding is an intimate celebration where only the close family members of the bride and the groom are in attendance with a maximum attendance of 50 guests.

Reasons to have a micro wedding

Since it is a micro wedding, the guests are few and the expenditure to it is going to be minimal. The best part is that since you have a lot to spend, you can select your dream venue and do all those things that you had wished to do at your wedding. With just a few guests, you can plan for things that could have otherwise have been out of the budget.

Ways to make a micro wedding special

Limited guests does not mean limited fun. You can select your favourite place for instance, it could be your favourite restaurant or a beautiful park or a garden. Such places could be much better than the traditional wedding venues. You could spend a little more on your wedding outfit to make it grander and dream like. You could also select a few luxurious food items for the guests that could not have been possible in a grand wedding setting. Since there are only a few guests in attendance, you could select a good return gift with a box of sweets or chocolates that have names of the bride and the groom on the packaging. With minimum guests around, the atmosphere is going to be less stressful and the bride, the groom and all the family members can make the most of the special day and make it memorable by keeping it intimate.

Photo Credits: Pixabay