Things teenagers need to know about their skin and hair

Teenagers are often carefree and do not care much about their skin and hair


Teenage is a phase when the youngsters undergo a number of changes internally and externally. This is also an age when the youngsters are carefree and not much bother about skincare and health. The fact is that teenagers need to take extra care of the skin and hair. Here are a few things that teenagers need to know and be aware of.

1. Pimples – One of the most common problems that teenagers face due to hormonal changes and carefree lifestyle. They could be challenging to deal and are potentially caused due to genetics, clogged pores and change on hormonal levels. It is wise to wash your face with a mild cleansers twice a day and remove any make-up before going to bed.

2. Dandruff –The condition is caused due to a number of reasons excess oil in the hair follicles, cold and dry weather, dehydration or even stress. If it is not treated it could also lead to hair fall problems. It is recommended to use a good hair oil. You can mix coconut oil with neem oil and camphor. It smells amazing and can be massaged on the scalp and hair length and left overnight. Wash it off with luke warm water the next day.

3. Facial hair problems – Teenagers often face problems of facial hair that usually happens due to hormonal changes. The body produces more androgens which are the male hormones. A number of times they are triggered with PCOD.

4. Air pollution and sun-burn – Since teenagers tend to be carefree, they do not care much about wearing a sun screen lotions while stepping out. Even the quality of air that we breathe is not healthy due to air pollution. Overexposure to the sun and pollution can affect the skin and hair. Wear a sun screen at least 30 minutes before you step out in the sun, even if it is for two minutes.

Photo Credits: Pixabay