4 Unknown purposes of dream catchers and where they should be placed

dream catchers

Dream catchers have become one of the popular home décor items in recent times. They are colorful, attractive and look pleasant in terms of appearance. They are not just pocket friendly but have the ability to brighten up any corner of the house. While talking about its usage, it is believed that they help in influencing dreams. While there are a number of theories about how they work, here are a few ways the dream catchers influence the dreams and the thought process.

1. Encourages positive vibes in to the house – Dream catchers is a web inside a circle that helps to capture all the negativity or bad dreams. The lower portion of it has feathers that encourage positive dreams and vibes inside the house or the room where it is placed.

2. Protects children – Some people also hang them over the bed of children to protect them from negativity and nightmares while they are sleeping. There is a reason why dream catchers are hung directly over the bed. It is believed that they trap the bad dreams once the sun sets and after the sunrise the bad dreams that are caught in the web expire and become invalid.

3. Represent good energy – Dream catchers represent the good energy and thus helps in neutralizing the bad energy and brings a rise in the good energy in the house.

4. There are beads in the décor item that are often symbolized as good dreams that could not pass through the web, so they become immortalized as sacred charms.

Where to place them

1. Doors/windows – They can be placed at the entry points which are the doors or the windows. They can also be hung at the balconies or porches.

2. Bedroom – Since their work is to protect from nightmares in children, they can be hung over or near the bed in the bedroom. It is the ideal place to place a dream catcher.

Photo Credits: Pixabay