5 Basic table manners you need to remember while dining out

table manners

We often indulge in eating out with friends and family. Table manners are something many people often forget. While you do not have to behave like the prince or princess of a kingdom and eat with chopsticks, it is only essential to keep in mind the basic table manners that many of us forget. It is something that will distinguish you from the rest of the crowd and makes you look reasonably polite and sophisticated. Here are a few basic table manners you should never forget.

1. Do not blow your hot soup – When you have a hot bowl of soup, do not blow on it or burn your mouth. But wait for it to cool down a bit so you can have it. Blowing your food is considered as rude.

2. Do not sip your beverage with a mouthful – When you are having a meal, do not take a sip when you have your mouth stuffed with food. After you have swallowed your food you can take a sip or it could leave food marks on the glass.

3. Do not scrape your plate – The food might be delicious, but that does not mean that you scrape off with a spoon. You can take a second serving if you want more of it, but scrapping is considered as impolite. It is better to enjoy your food silently.

4. Do not keep your belongings on the table – When you are dining out or at a friend’s place, make sure that you don’t keep your belongings like your mobile phone or bag on the table. You can keep it on your lap or when at a friend’s place you can keep it on another chair or another table the host suggests.

5. Keep your napkin on your lap – The napkins that are provided by the eatery has to be kept on your lap and should not be tucked on the shirt.

Photo Credits: Pixabay