4 Myths that are related to therapy


There are a number of therapies that people look out for and a number of people opt for therapies that are related to mental health, couple issues, depression, opioid abuse, food addiction, anger management and so on. But such therapies are often looked down by a number of people as it leaves an impression that there could be something very seriously wrong with him. The fact is that it is OK and normal to take a therapy when you think that things are going out of control. Here are a few myths and misconceptions about taking a therapy .

1. Myth 1 – There is a common belief among people that only people who are mentally ill, who hear voices or have lost control or weak take a therapy. The fact is that people also take therapy to give up on a bad habit or even to deal with stress.

2. Myth 2 – Such problems can be solved on our own – That is certainly not true. Such problems are medical and are caused because of certain imbalance that is cause in the body and mind and this has to be ruled out by an expert. An expert needs to rule out the problem, counsel the person and prescribe medicines as per need.

3. Myth 3 – Once the therapy begins it goes on forever – A number of people believe that once a therapy begins, it can go on forever. This is not true and it is for the person who is suffering to decide if he/she needs to continue with the therapy or not. A number of times people stop going for therapies after they are completely healed.

4. Myth 4 – A therapist forces you to discuss things you are not comfortable with – This is also not true as a job of a therapist is to make the person feel comfortable and bring out the problem as gently as possible. That is what they expertise in.

Photo Credits: Pixabay