5 Signs when your intuition is trying to convey a message


There are certain situations in life when you would feel anxious or would feel satisfied and content. You could even experience certain things that are pulling you towards a certain direction. It all works around the word known as intuition, which might be friction for some but reality for many. Intuition strikes when you might feel that this is the best for you while other times you might just feel that something is missing and is not right. Here are some of the signs that your instinct might be trying to tell you something.

1. You feel satisfied – When you are done with a task or have taken an important decision and at that point you have a feeling of satisfaction and happiness, that clearly means that you have taken the right decision. But if you still feel that there is certain thing missing then that could be a sign that it is not the right thing to do.

2. You might be constantly drawn towards a particular thought – During the day tie, you might suddenly have thoughts about a particular thing. While you might be ignoring, it they might keep thinking about it constantly. This could be a signal that it is pulling you and compelling to think about it.

3. Dreams – Your dreams are one of the most obvious ways of giving you signals. It is your inner most thought and wish that you like to do and wish that it comes true. You might get recurring dreams about what you want from life. It could be a signal that something is drawing your attention.

4. You constantly get the same opportunities – When it is right, you might constantly get the same chance again and again. If not the same, it could be a similar one as well.

5. You have an anxious feeling in your stomach – When you go against your intuition, you could get an uneasy feeling of anxiousness that you could feel in your stomach.

Photo Credits: Pixabay