6 Ill effects of bleaching your hair


The trend of bleaching hair to get a unique look is not new. It is a process where certain strands are bleached with a chemical that changes to a lighter tone to give it a bleached look. It gives a good make-over, but it also has its own adverse effects. Here are some of the adverse effects of bleaching your hair and facts that you need to know before you get it done for yourself.

1. Makes the hair prone to damage – After you bleach your hair, it can become prone to damage. Even the slightest dust, humidity, dirt or harmful UV Rays can make your hair frizzy and dull. The damage could lead to a number of problems like hair fall, split ends or even the growth could be affected.

2. No moisture in hair – Bleach tends to make the hair and scalp dry which leaves no moisture at all. Lack of moisture can make it brittle and frizzy making you look unpleasant even on the days when you have had a hair wash.

3. It tends to hurt the scalp – Bleaching and coloring takes no time and costs a lot of money. However, it hurts the scalp really bad. A number of people tend to feel a burning sensation after they color their hair and that is caused due to the bleach and the harsh chemicals that are being used.

4. Makes hair dry – Bleaching is a process that is done by oxidation. Such a process can make the hair really dry and lifeless.

5. High maintenance – Since bleached hair tends to make the hair dry and lifeless, you need to take care of it by undergoing regular spa treatments at least once in 15 days. This could be expensive.

6. Discoloring – Bleaching tends to make the hair discolored and lifeless and does not make it look pleasant. As far as possible do not try bleaching hair at home and get it done by a professional instead.

Photo Credits: Pixabay