Stadiums at Bay Area to be converted in to mass COVID-19 vaccination centres


Professional Sports Franchise in the Bay Area will soon be turning their stadiums in to mass COVID-19 vaccinations centres. The surprising part is that none of the local officials or the team members are not aware when it is going to happen. Representatives from San Jose Sharks, San Jose Earthquakes, San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s have confirmed that their respective organizations have been in touch with the government officials and the local healthcare providers to use the stadiums as vaccinations centres.

James Williams, the Santa Clara County Counsel while talking at a press conference said that they have not received enough vaccines that could be administered to all of the healthcare workers and added that they do not have an idea as to how many vaccines they will be receiving. Williams added that it could be a challenge for them. Meanwhile Petco Park in San Diego has been made in to a vaccination superstation this week. It is a place where nearly 5,000 people can receive vaccines every day.

Los Angeles has the Dodger Stadium parking lot is the biggest coronavirus testing site in the United States. That place is about to be transformed in to a vaccination hub where nearly 12,000 people can be administered with the COVID-19 vaccine per day. The vaccine distribution process at the Bay Area has met with a number of problems and issues that has resulted in a widespread outcry. Dr. Jeff Smith the Santa Clara County Executive while talking to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday that they have requested nearly 100,000 more doses of the COVID-19 vaccines from the state.

After the request was placed, it was assured that they will be receiving only 6,000 vaccines. Smith added that once they cross January 18, 2021, they will be able to deliver 35,000 doses but currently they do not have enough vaccines that could even last for nearly a week.

Photo Credits: Pixabay