Walmart to offer temperature controlled boxes to deliver groceries


Retailing giant Walmart has joined hands with HomeValet that will work towards the problem of the grocery delivery business. The latest venture will make sure that the food remains fresh. Walmart made the announcement on January 12, 2021 that it would start making use of the smart boxes that would be temperature controlled and powered by HomeValet. This is surely going to work as a benefit for the retailer especially in front of the competitors in the sector for on-demand food delivery market.

The service for on-demand food delivery at the door step has increased during the pandemic and surged when the lockdowns were implemented in a number of nations across the globe as a safety measure. Some of the participating customers in Bentonville, Ark. will be able to try out the smart boxes that will be placed outside their houses. Tom Ward, the senior vice president of Customer Products at Walmart said that the boxes have been powered by the platform known as Internet Of Things and will have three temperature controlled zones.

The different zones will be helpful in storing frozen, refrigerated as well as pantry items. Ward in a blog post added that the new boxes with the technology will be helpful for the customers and also the company’s efforts towards the last minute deliveries. This will mean that with the presence of the boxes, it will not be essential for the customer to be at home when the groceries are delivered. This will also allow the customer to have a secure as well as a contactless delivery.

The customers will also be at peace knowing that the groceries will remain fresh. Walmart will also be able to delivery items 24 hours a day and seven days a week if they wish to do so. The company started to deliver groceries since 2018 and since then it has been improving its services by expanding its two-hour Express Delivery service and offers same day delivery in some of the selected markets.

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