5 Indications that you are being too strict with your child

Being over strict with your child can have a number of consequences and could even affect their overall development

strict parent

Being parents to children is never easy and only a parent handling them understands what it takes to raise children. It takes a lot of patience and a number of times the parent might also lose patience and begin to discipline the child. Although it is OK to discipline the child, but sometimes you might even cross the line and become overly strict. Here are a few hints that could indicate that you are being too strict with your child.

1. Your child begins to lie to you often –This happens when you are being too strict with your child. This is when they will start telling lies to you due to the fear that you are going to punish them. The child under such circumstances becomes too scared to tell you the truth.

2. You tend to shout at them a lot – Parents can often lose patience when they are handling too many things at a time. From cleaning the house to feeding them time to time, there are a number of things that need to be taken care of. Yelling at children can cause stress to the child and can also harm the relationship with them.

3. You don’t have any fun time with the child – When you are too strict, the kid automatically starts to refrain from you and will rarely spend quality or fun time with you.

4. Your kid stops to share things with you – The child needs to share the smallest detail with you. This helps the child to take off some stress or share things that he likes to do. But when that stops happening, that could be a hint that you are being too strict and are not approachable.

5. You have too many rules – It is great to discipline a child, but imposing too many rules can make the child under-confident. Imposing too many rules, hampers the child’s capacity to experiment and think freely. This could be a sign that you are being too rigid.

Photo Credits: Pixabay