5 Easy ways to help your child to be communicative and social

Apart from being mentally and physically sound, children also need to be socially active and communicative


Every parent wishes that their child becomes the most successful, wise and an intelligent child. However, not many concentrate on them to be social and interactive. One of the major reasons behind this could be the lack of time as both the parents tend to work and are seldom accompanied by grandparents. If you are one of those who are struggling to make them communicative and social, here are a few simple tips that you can follow on an everyday basis and will not even take much of your time.

1. Communicate and correct – Kids don’t know how to socialize. To begin with you can teach them while communicating with them on an everyday basis. Even the most simple things like if they want to let you know they are hungry, instead of saying ‘Im Hungry’ you can tell them to say ‘Can I get something to eat?’. These are everyday statements that can help them to be social, gentle and communicative.

2. Encourage them to be amidst children – While a number of parents raise a single child, they often miss having a partner in crime. Under such circumstances, parents should encourage them to interact with a group of kids. They could be children from your locality and you can also make a group and set a time for them to spend some play time together.

3. Teach them to listen – While they expect that you should listen to them, they should also learn to listen as well. When they listen to others they will be able to develop empathy and feelings for the other person as well.

4. Teach them to make eye contact – Making an eye contact teaches children to be confident as individuals. When they develop the habit of making an eye contact, they start to communicate in a better way.

5. Teach them to respect emotions – You can start with basics like happiness, sadness, anger and excitement. Slowly you can make them realize about the emotions of others as well.

Photo Credits: Pixabay