3 Main causes of excessive hair fall problems

Hair fall problems can be caused by a number of problems but there are three basic causes that can cause the condition

hair fall causes

Hair loss is a very common problem in men as well as women. While women face hair fall issues more than men do. There could be a number of reasons for hair fall problems but the challenge remains to identify what is actually causing the hair fall and giving it a fix. But there are three main reasons that could be the root cause of hair fall. Here are three main reasons of hair fall that you need to deal with and look in to.

1. A healthy scalp – The scalp is like the foundation of the hair that needs to be clean and healthy. You need to take proper care of you scalp and keep it clean and dirt free. This is the place where the roots of the hair depend and if there is dandruff then there are high chances that it could lead to hair fall problems. Make sure that you keep your scalp clean and free from any dirt and dust.

2. Heat – Styling your hair is something that you could be tempted to do a lot. Applying heat by the means of blow drying, ironing or curling damages the hair and also affects the roots. More heat can also make the scalp dry and flaky as it takes away all the moisture. The dry cells then end up to shut down the hair follicles and could end up in hair fall and reduces the hair growth.

3. Problems lying within – When all the other reasons are ruled out, then another possibility are the hormones that are capable of putting an impact on the skin and the hair. When the hormones change and get imbalanced, it could lead to excessive hair loss and could even lead to baldness. Even the food intake can affect your hair health. Consumption of cigarettes and certain drugs can also lead to chronic hair fall problems.

Photo Credits: Pixabay