5 Important steps to take care of house plants

House plants need to be taken care of and there are a few basic things that you need to keep in mind

house plants

Taking care of house plants is not all just about watering them every now and then. There is a lot that goes in to taking care of plants at home. You need to looking in to a lot of factors. From providing them proper sunlight, providing time to time compost to looking after a proper drainage system you need to look in to it all to make the plants flourish. Here are some tips that you need to consider to give your plants proper nourishment.

1. Proper drainage system – When you have planted a plant in a pot, you need to make sure that they have holes so that the water gets drained properly and does not get stagnated. Excess water can block the cavities in the roots of the plants and they would ultimately not survive and rot.

2. Do not water plants in excess – It is always better to water the plants in limits. Overwatering them could do them harm as they will not be able to get the proper nourishment from the soil. Do not think that giving them plenty of water would keep them healthy. Make sure that the top soil is dry before you water them again.

3. Trimming – Make sure that you trim your plants and get rid of the withered leaves so that the plants get proper nourishments. You can also get rid of the excess branches on the plants as they will flower quickly.

4. Repotting – When the plants grow bigger, they need to be transferred to a bigger pot for a healthy growth. If they are not transferred, then their growth could be stunted.

5. Access to sunlight – Make sure that your plants get ample sunlight which is important for a plant to flourish. There are some plants that require direct sunlight while others could also survive in low light. Make sure that the plants are placed at a place where there is at least partial sunlight.

Photo Credits: Pixabay