6 Unique gift ideas for a newly-wed couple

It can be a challenge to find a gift that is unique for a couple who has just got married


Finding the most suitable and appropriate wedding gift for a newly wedded couple can be a challenge. While you are spending for a wedding gift for someone who are close, you think that the gift should be productive and useful. It could be anything from some decorative stuff for their home, or something that would pamper them like a spa kit. Here are some unique gift ideas that you can consider for a couple who has just got married.

1.Bed linen – Since the newly-weds are all set to make a new beginning, gifting some new bed linen is a great idea. These days, bed linen is also available in sets that include a nice quilt or a comforter.

2. Bath linen set – You can also gift the couple some luxury items like matching bath robes with their initials embroidered on them.

3. Customized crockery – A dinner set can be a very common item for gifting, but the latest trend is dinner sets that have their initials engraved on them. They can make a stunning customized crockery set.

4. Couple wrist watch set – There are many brands of watches that offer wrist watches for couples, especially for newly-weds. A couple watch set is a great way to signify the beginning of their time together.

5. Wine decanter and glasses – This is also a great gift for a couple who has just marked the beginning of their lives together. You can get the set embossed with a monogram to give it a personal touch.

6. A honeymoon weekend voucher – Book the couple’s favourite weekend resort and ask for special arrangements for the newly-weds with candle lit dinners and special customized arrangements inside their room.

There are a number of ways you can make them feel special. But all that matters is your love and appreciation towards them. Let them feel special with your presence and the rest of the things are nothing but materialistic.

Photo Credits: Pixabay