What is Manuka Honey and what are its health benefits

Manuka Honey is expensive but has double the benefits when compared to the regular honey

manuka honey

Manuka Honey is also known as monofloral honey which is made from the nectar of the manuka tree. It is as a natural ingredient which is known to be more beneficial than the normal honey. It is beneficial for a number of problems like digestion, acne, immunity and also a number of other health conditions. Manuka honey has a higher concentration level and has antibacterial properties. Here are some of the health benefits of manuka honey.

1. Helps to heal wounds – Not many are aware that manuka honey has healing abilities. It can heal any kind of wounds and it is the acidic properties of it that help it to work. The honey does not have much of moisture and takes away all the fluid from the wound and speeds up the healing process.

2. Has anti-viral properties – This honey has anti-viral properties and has the ability to fight all kinds of germs due to its content known as MGO. This content can be found in the manuka plants and can heal even the major wounds along with the minor ones.

3. Good for digestion and immunity – The honey helps in the process of improving the digestion process and helps in building the immunity of the body. Consumption of 1 to 2 tablespoons everyday is beneficial. It can also be consumed raw or on your toast. People who consume it regularly, seldom fall sick.

4. Good for skincare – While normal honey itself is beneficial, manuka honey has double the benefits and helps to reduce skin inflammation that is caused by acne. A thin layer of it can be applied on the affected area for about 20 minutes. A research has also mentioned that it is also beneficial to treat eczema. It can also be mixed with fuller’s earth to make a nice face pack.

Note – People who are diabetic should consult the doctor first before its consumption or adding it to the regular diet.

Photo Credits: Pixabay