Things to keep in mind while performing pre-natal yoga

Women indulging in pre-natal yoga need to be very careful and need to keep a few things in mind

pre-natal yoga

It has become a trend for the would-be mothers to indulge in pre-natal yoga. It is not just a trend but an awareness that every pregnancy should be healthy and pre-natal yoga makes sure that the would-be mother and the child remains healthy and has a healthy birth as well. Although it is beneficial, but a few poses which are a part of the regime should be avoided. Here are some of the points that you need to be careful about before you begin doing pre-natal yoga.

1. Talk to your doctor – This is the first step that you need to take as you have to rule out if it is safe to indulge in a workout regime or not when you are expecting. Your doctor also has to rule out and make sure that there are no complications.

2. Do not do it on an empty stomach – This is not just about just pre-natal yoga but also about any form of exercise that should not be done on an empty stomach. There are chances that it could make you nauseous or dizzy.

3. Do not jump – Pregnancy is a very delicate stage and you don’t want to harm the fetus. You need to avoid any form of exercise that involves jumping.

4. Remain calm and hydrated – When you are performing pre-natal yoga, you need to remain calm and hydrated. Dehydration can be really harmful and should be avoided at any phase of the pregnancy.

5. Avoid Bikram Yoga – Bikram Yoga is usually done under hot conditions in sauna, which tends to make you dehydrated. Expecting women should do yoga in a room with an air conditioner.

6. Do not lie on your belly – Avoid any poses that make you lie on the belly.

7. Do not be out of breath – Keep your breathing pattern normal and if you feel like, then take some rest in between.

Photo Credits: Pixabay