Expert tips on removing make-up in the night

Make-up needs to be removed completely at the end of the day or it might make your face dull


Make-up surely looks great on the skin during the day time. While it is great to wear make-up, it is very important to remove the make-up before you go to the be. There are a multiple ways of removing the layer from the skin. Night time is when the repair and restoration takes place and it is essential that you open up all the closed pores of the skin and allow it to breathe. Removing make-up also allows to remove all the dust, pollutants and dirt from the skin. Special care needs to be taken for the sensitive skin, especially around the eyes which tend to become saggy, puffy or dark. If you don’t remove the layer in the night the skin will look dull the next day. Here are a few effective ways of removing make-up in the night.

1. Cleansing cream – If you have a normal to dry skin, you just need to apply some cleansing cream on the face and neck and massage it in the circular motion. This will allow the layer on the face to soften and dissolve. It allows easy removal of the foundation and other products used on the skin. Wipe off with a cotton pad gently without rubbing or pulling.

2. Oil – Oil is also one of the best ways of removing make-up especially around the eyes. Removing the mascara and kajal can be a challenge, but oil makes it easy and hustle free. You just need to take a cotton ball and some coconut oil and apply it gently on the mascara and kajal. With the help of gentle strokes, keep wiping until the entire product comes off the skin.

3. Cleanser – To remove your lipstick you can take a moist cotton wool with some cleanser and gently wipe off the lipstick in inward direction.

After cleansing, splash some normal water on your face and pat dry with a soft tissue. Do not rub your face with a rough towel.

Photo Credits: Pixabay