What is a hair serum? What are its benefits and side effects

Hair serum is a product that can be applied only to the hair length and not to the scalp

hair serum

Hair Serum

Hair serum is a potion for the hair which is commonly used by people who have a long hair and have problem to detangle it after hair wash. It is different from hair oil as it only works on the hair length and not on the scalp. Hair oil has fatty acids while the serum is silicon based. Oil can be sticky and heavy while hair serums are light and non-sticky. A good hair serum can be a blessing for people with long hair as they can have a tough time detangling them. It not just helps to detangle the hair, but also helps in bringing a shine and doing different hair styles.

Benefits of a hair serum

1. It protects the hair from dust and also locks the moisture of the hair to avoid any frizz.

2. If the hair is damaged, a good hair serum can help repair the damage that has been done.

3. It helps to detangle even the most messy hair since it is silicon based.

4. Applying the right amount of serum to the hair length, allows the hair to shine.

5. It helps to reduce hair fall as it helps to detangle hair which makes it easy to comb with less or no hair fall at all.

6. Unlike hair oil, serum is non-sticky.

Side effects of using a hair serum

1. Not using the right kind of serum can, not give you the desired results.

2. Over-application of hair serum can make your hair look flaky.

3. It has to be applied on damp hair or else it might not give you the desired results.

4. Serum can be expensive, but the wrong type can also put a negative effect on it.

5. It does not work on the scalp and only works on the hair length.

6. If you discontinue to use a hair serum, it can make your hair more frizzy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay