4 Effective ways to get rid of ants at home

Ants can be a menace as they cause a lot of wastage but a few simple tricks can help you to get rid of them


The winter is here and this is also the season when your food is very likely to be attacked by ants. Ants mostly get attracted to sweet food items, but a few times, they are also seen gorging on other food items as well. Getting rid of them is mostly a headache and many times a lot of food gets wasted. But here we will be discussing about some natural and easy ways to get rid of the ants from home.

1. Pepper – it is the smell of pepper that irritates the ants and they never come back. You just need to sprinkle some pepper powder on the areas where they are usually seen. The remedy is effective and also safe.

2. Hand wash liquid – hand wash liquid is something that all the households now have amidst the pandemic. A small amount can be mixed with water and spray the solution on the trails to get rid of pheromone. The absence of pheromone trail will not allow them to communicate with each other.

3. White vinegar – You need to mix one portion of white vinegar with a little water and wipe the area where they are seen with the solution. Doing this once a week will help you to get rid of the ants in the most natural way.

4. Boiling water – This might seem a little surprising, but it is actually effective. You need to pour in boiling water in to the wholes of the pests. But you need to make sure to find every hole in the house where the ants reside.

Apart from the above remedies, regular and thorough cleaning of the house and the vulnerable areas also keeps the ants and other pests away from the house. As far as possible, keep the sweets and snacks in an air tight container to avoid any wastage, if they are eaten up by the ants.

Photo Credits: Pixabay