London crowd ventures on streets, restaurants and pubs before second lockdown

Roads, restaurants and pubs face crowd as people step out for the last time before the second lockdown is implemented in the United Kingdom


From November 5, 2020 0001 GMT people in Great Britain will be ordered to remain at home marking the second big lockdown in the country. The measure has been taken to deal with the fresh surge of the coronavirus infections across the nation like it was predicted by the health experts earlier. Scientists have also warned that if things are not kept in check, the second wave could also lead to more deaths compared to the first wave that had led to a three month lockdown.

The United Kingdom has not been behind in terms of the death toll figure in Europe. There are reports of 20,000 fresh cases of coronavirus infections reported per day. The health experts have warned that in the worst case, about 80,000people could be dead if proper precautions were not taken. Amidst the reports of a lockdown in the UK, there have been reports that restaurant bookings and demand for tables were on a new high as people wanted to dine out for one last time before the next episode of lockdown had taken place.

A number of police forces in the nation had appealed through social media to people to maintain social distance as they dine out. Talking about London pictures started pouring on the social media of people enjoying the last night before the lockdown. A number of people also ventured in to the pubs and other public places to hangout. The pubs, restaurants and bars had set up as many tables to accommodate as many people as possible while following the coronavirus restrictions. The Met Police made an announcement that the hospitality business would be closing after 10 pm before the second lockdown begins.

Meanwhile, the officers on duty will be patrolling across the streets while explaining the rules of the lockdown of what will be allowed and what will not be allowed. It was also noticed that thousands of motorists were seen leaving the capital before the restrictions were put in to place.

Photo Credits: Pixabay