5 Easy ways to increase natural light at home during winter

Winter time is when we need more light and a few simple tricks can help to allow natural light at home

natural light

Plenty of light at home brings a lot of positive energy and happiness in the house. But many times it is the décor at home that makes the house less lit up and dark. Winter is a time when the day time reduces and darkness takes over earlier than before. But with just a few simple hacks, it is easy to bring in the extra sunlight in to the house and keep it warm. Sunlight is the only natural source of light and it is always better than artificial light. Here are a few ways you can change your interiors to allow natural light in to your home.

1. Hand glass mirrors on the wall – If you have blank walls in the room, you can hang glass mirrors that has a high gloss level. It makes the light to reflect and makes the room look brighter.

2. Have long windows at home – having big windows from the floor to the ceiling, allows more light to enter the house. It also gives a rich look to the house and also enjoy the scenic views from the windows during the day.

3. Install reflective tiles in kitchen – Including more tiles and glossy tiles in the kitchen helps to reflect the light. If proper arrangement has been done you would hardly need any artificial light during the day time.

4. Have sky lights at home – Natural light can help make even small houses look bigger. Skylights are small windows near the ceiling. Such windows allow the sunlight enter directly in to the room and also does not disturb the privacy as the view from outside to inside becomes restricted.

5. Have light colored décor – Whether it is the curtains or the fabric that you are using for your furniture, let them be pastel colors like ivory or light blue and green colors that look serene and make the room look wide and bright.

Photo Credits: Pixabay