5 Useful skincare tips for men during winter

Men also need a proper skincare during winter days when they become dry and wrinkled


Even men need to take care of their skin. But there is a lot of difference between the skin care regime for men and the skincare regime for women. While the topic might have been discussed multiple times for women, but many talk about what to do for men. Here are a few tips that could be useful for men while taking care of their skin during winter.

1. Clean shaving tools – The first step towards maintaining hygiene is to keep your shaving tools hygienic and clean. These are the tools that clean all the dirt, oil and dead skin from the surface. If they are not cleaned then there are all chances of an infection on the skin.

2. Do not exfoliate – Yes, this might sound surprising, but the fact is that men shave their beard and this is when all the dead skin cells are also removed. So men don’t have to exfoliate the skin, instead they can use a pre-shaving oil to keep the skin healthy and subtle. You can use a good moisturizing cream during winter months.

3. Humidifier – Invest in a good humidifier, instead of buying expensive skin products. If you work in an office, then you can keep the humidifier in your cabin that is enough to moisturize your skin.

4. Do not take hot water showers – Surely this is the winter time and a hot water shower might soothe you and make you feel warm. But that is not healthy for the skin as it takes away all the natural oils. You can have bath with lukewarm water.

5. Lip Balm – You don’t have to use a tinted one, but the one that does not have any color. It helps to keep the lips healthy and soft and also protect them from chapping.

Men need to select their skin products wisely as their skin is different from that from women. Women’s skin is delicate while men’s skin is tough.

Photo Credits: Pixabay