US Cruise lines cancels sails till end of 2020

Cruise lines in the US will continue to halt the services at least by the end of 2020


The cruise line sailings in the United States will continue to remain cancelled through at least the end of the year 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. However , the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has made an announcement on October 30, 2020 that the cruise lines can resume sailing. So technically the ban on sailings was lifted from the US ports but it has also raised concerns regarding the safety of resuming the service amidst a time when the entire globe is on the verge of facing second wave of coronavirus infections.

Cruise services were brought to a halt in the month of March 2020 after the virus spread across various nations. The cruise lines in the US were preparing to resume services from December 1, 2020 but then the Cruise Lines International Association, the Industry Trade Group on Monday issued a statement that they would be working with the CDC to resume sailing as soon as possible.

The CDC in a statement said that some of the recent incidences on the cruise ships overseas had proved that the cruise ship travel service elevates the transmission of COVID-19, despite the precaution of reducing the passenger capacity. The statement added that their members are 100 percent committed to help and protect the health of the guests and the crew members and are also prepared to implement a number of protocols as per the latest medical and scientific knowledge. It was also assured that they would continue to observe the situation as the economy suffers due to the suspension of service with thousands of jobs at stake.

If the passenger service on cruises resume then there is a risk of spreading the infection in to the US communities. Not just the cruise lines even the airline and the railway sector has been affected and has faced heavy losses due to the coronavirus pandemic as travel continues to remain restricted.

Photo Credits: Pixabay