Things to keep in mind while dining out at a restaurant during pandemic

You might be excited to get back to your favourite restaurant, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind


The coronavirus pandemic lockdown was a time when the cinema theatres, schools, colleges, restaurants and all the public places were shut down as a safety measure. But after a few months a number of nations are opening up again and are taking one step at a time. This is also a time when the restaurants have also reopened for service, but people are surely going to be skeptical about venturing to a restaurant at a time when the pandemic is still on. But the good news is that if ample precautions are taken then your dining out experience with friends and family would be safe and fun. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when you go to a restaurant during the pandemic.

1. Wear your masks – While most restaurants will require the customers to wear a mask while they enter, but even while sitting at your table, make sure that you are wearing yours at all times except when you are eating your meal. After you finish your meal, make sure that you put it on again to limit your exposure.

2. Avoid using the restroom – The restroom is a very vulnerable place where the virus can attack. Since it is a public place, there are all the chances that someone else might have used it before you have.

3. Select a proper restaurant – While selecting your restaurant, make sure that you select the one that follows adequate measures. While entering, they need to check your temperature and should also offer you sanitizer. The restaurant should also be following social distancing measures.

4. Opt for outdoor seating – Indoor spaces could be vulnerable to infection, but it is safe to opt for outdoor seating arrangement.

5. Keep sanitizing your hands – Since it is a restaurant, there could be many high and common touch points. Make sure that you are constantly sanitizing your hands.

Photo Credits: Pixabay