Skin problems that you could face in your 30s

After 30, the skin becomes vulnerable to a few skin problems that you should be aware of


Skin problems become sidelined when you reach certain age due to priorities that you give to other things. You could blame it to the busy schedule, ignorance or you could be just lazy. There are a number of factors but the below list will talk about the prospective skin problems that a person could face after entering in their 30s.

1. Fine Lines – This is a very obvious skin problem and could appear in the forehead or around the eyes. It is important to use a natural moisturizer at least twice a day. Also make it a habit of using a night cream that will help to reduce the appearance of the fine lines or wrinkles.

2. Dark spots – This can be caused due to a number of issues like melasma, freckles or demarcation lines. It can also be caused due to exposure to the sun. It is importance to realize the importance of applying a sunscreen before you step out in the sun.

3. Acne – Acne can appear at any age and not just in teenagers. While teenagers are vulnerable because of their eating habits, it can also appear due to the hormonal changes after the age of 30. It mostly appears on the jawline so it is important to maintain a proper and a healthy diet.

4. Open pores – Open pores look very unpleasant. They occur when the hair follicles are present and increases the oil production. Open pores can become more prominent when people age.

5. Dark circles – Dark circles might not be an age related problem but they can become more prominent when you are in your 30s. This happens due to additional fat loss under the eyes. You can use a good under-eye cream that contains retinol and vitamin K.

6. Skin sagging – This is another common age related skin problem and could lead to laughing lines and other skin problems. They can also be caused due to excess weight loss.

Photo Credits: Pixabay