Ways to keep your house clutter free and clean – Part 2

Keeping the house clean and tidy has become vital and just a few tricks and tips can make it easy


In the first part we had discussed about a few tricks about a few hacks that can help to keep the house clean and tidy. Here we will again dig in to a few more tricks which are simple and easy to implement. While many of us might be doing a number of things mentioned in this list, but following them long term is the key. Here are the next set of tips that can help to keep the cleanliness at home in check.

1. Place small storage baskets across the house – While many of us might be having large storage boxes for storage, but it is wise to have small storage boxes in different rooms that will help to keep the items in the house organized and tidy. There are a number of good looking baskets available in the market that makes the place look great.

2. Fix a place for cleaning tools – There has to be a dedicated space in the house to keep brooms, dust pans, mops and other cleaning tools. If they are left on the floor then they can become messy and unusable.

3. Keep things back in the designated places – This particular habit is vital as it is important to keep things back to the designated places like the car keys, shopping bags. If things like these or other things are left as it is then they will add to clutter.

4. Have a small vacuum cleaner handy –While a big one is also useful, but a small vacuum cleaner comes handy to clean your rugs, carpets and sofas.

5. Keep a cloth and a wiper handy in the bathroom – Bathrooms can be vulnerable to water stains so soon after use, make sure that you wipe off the class or the basin counter to avoid the water stains.

6. Create an organized system to keep your household things – Creating an easy and user friendly system at home can help you to keep things systematic and organized at home.

Photo Credits: Pixabay