Ways to keep your house clutter free and clean – Part 1

It is easy to keep your house clean and tidy with just a few tricks and without any extra efforts


The world continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to maintain cleanliness at home and when you are returning from outside. While a number of people might struggle to keep up with the cleanliness as expected which might be taking away a lot of time in the day. But the good news is that there are a few simple steps to keep your home clean and tidy.

1. Keep your shoes outside – When you have returned from outside, keep your shoes outside or at a dedicated shoe shelf near the door. Use a different slipper which will be exclusive for home use and keep dedicated shoes and slippers for outside use.

2. Use door mats – Make sure that you keep doormats, at the door step, outside the bathrooms and other places from where the dust can enter the house.

3. Dustin routine – This has to be done at least twice a week and not everyday to keep your house dust free and clean with a micro-fibre glove, easily available in the market.

4. Use drawer liners – Make sure that you use drawer liners in all the drawers to keep them dust-free. It also makes them look organised and clean.

5. Use dust bins – Now this might seem basic, but make sure that you have dustbins all around the house including the hall and bedrooms. This will reduce the littering especially when you have kids at home.

6. Organise paper clutter – This is most annoying as paper clutter soon becomes a mess. Make sure that you keep them in dedicated envelops to avoid a mess and keep all of the bills and other important documents at one place. Discard the ones that you don’t need.

7. Use coasters for cups and glasses – Coasters are useful as the tea cups can leave stains especially on the wooden surface that could be tough to clean.

8. Clean any spillage immediately – Any kind of spillage on the coffee or dining table has to be cleaned immediately or it could become dry and could take longer to be cleaned after it becomes dry.

Photo Credits: Pixabay