Chinese coronavirus vaccine brings hope as it shows signs of antibodies

Coronavirus vaccine by China is leading the race as it has shown positive results so far


While the entire globe is dealing with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, all eyes are on the candidates who are in the race to make the most effective vaccine for COVID-19. In recent times one of the leading companies which was in the human trials stage for the vaccine had to stall the human trial after one of the patients fell ill. But again there is a new hope as China has come up with a new vaccine which is experimental in nature and reports say that it is safe and also helps in producing immune response.

Chinas has developed a vaccine from Sinopharm and every volunteer is given a double dose of the vaccine. It was found that the vaccine successfully developed anti-bodies against SARS-COV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19. As a result, the vaccine would protect the participant to catch the virus again in future. If not completely, the vaccine would be able to protect the person from a severe form of coronavirus. However, it has not yet been proven by the scientists and so far the vaccine has been injected only in 1000 participants.

Meanwhile, the ministers in Britain could begin using the COVID-19 vaccine by the month of September, 2020, but so far the government has not approved any vaccine due to the lack of data that they are working on. Number 10 is one of the vaccine candidates which has recently admitted that there are very less chances of rolling out one before Christmas, 2020. On the other hand the World Health Organization has claimed that a proper vaccine for coronavirus will be out only by 2021.

Now the Oxford University’s vaccine is one of the prospective and promising candidate and is currently in the front line. A vaccine is important to end the pandemic as it makes sure that the person does not catch the virus again. All eyes are on the prospective candidates for the best and effective vaccine.

Photo Credits: Pixabay