7 Things a bride should not forget before the wedding

A bride needs to be well prepared for which it is essential to have a checklist to make sure everything is in place for the wedding


The wedding day is a day when you want to make sure that everything is perfect and works like it is supposed to be. That need proper planning and the need for the people involved to be calm and sorted. The bride has the most concerns when it comes to her outfit, how she is going to look and her make-up to make sure that she looks stunning on the big day. Here is a list of things that a bride should never forget.

1.Emergency kit – Now this a kit that will have things that could be useful if there is an emergency. There are a number of things that could go wrong during a wedding like stains or ripped hems. Your emergency kit can have some band aids, tissues, stain removing stick, double sided tape, thread and a needle or anything else that you can think of.

2. Have a family member by your side always – There are a number of things that a bride has to deal with. A close family member, who could like even a sister of the bride or a close friend could be roped in to deal with situations helping while getting ready or handling the veil.

3. Decide on the outfits – Apart from the main wedding outfits, you need to decide on what to wear when around just the guests. Since the photographers are going to be around you always, you cannot roam around in your pyjamas.

4. Extra shoes – Shoes can turn out to be unfaithful sometimes. It is better to carry an extra pair of footwear.

5. Carry a touch up bag – Always carry a touch up bag, that has make-up that can be needed for a quick touch up.

6. Some extra cash – Off course there are family members who can help you, but keeping a little cash with you is always wise.

7. Keep calm – It is really vital to remain calm and relaxed on your wedding day. Don’t allow anxiety or worry to take over your wedding mood.

Photo Credits: Pixabay