Foods that can make acne problems worse

Certain foods could worsen the condition of acne


Acne is something a number of people are complain of. There are a number of ways to deal with it with the help of a few skincare rituals or home remedies. Not many are aware that even diet plays a major role in dealing with acne. People who suffer from it, need to be careful of what they are eating. Here are a few foods that can actually make the acne worse.

1. Mayonnaise – Mayonnaise is a great with sandwiches and salads. It contains soybean oil that has inflammatory properties and also has isoflavones. Soy has the tendency to act like estrogen in the body which can lead to hormonal imbalance which can make acne worse. Even protein bars and burgers contain soybean oil in it.

2. Egg whites – This might be a little surprising as egg yolks are said to be unhealthy and the egg whites are the healthier version. Egg whites can actually be bad for the blood cholesterol levels. Egg yolks are actually good for the skin as they contain Vitamin B that cures acne, rashes and dryness.

3. Milk/white bread – Certain processed food like oatmeal, pasta, cereal and white bread can cause and accelerate ageing and can cause acne. Such processed foods can also lead to other skin related issues. Prolonged consumption of such foods can also affect the blood insulin levels. It is always better to prefer whole grains.

4. Skimmed milk – This is another surprising food as fat-free or low fat milk could be linked to acne. Such food can affect people who are lactose intolerant and can lead to skin problem or acne. People can also try almond milk or rice milk.

5. Excess consumption of meat – Meat falls heavy on the digestion system and excess consumption of it can have a negative effect. It can gradually lead to acne and other skin problems. People who consume plant-based diet face only a few or no skin problems.

Photo Credits: Pixabay