Ingredients that could also qualify to be used in salads

The ingredients mentioned below are actually underrated when it comes to add them in salads


A number of people switch to salads at times when they are trying to lose weight. Salad is not just healthy, but also helps to feel full for a longer time due to the large amount of fibre in it. There are a number of ingredients that go in to a salad, but a number of people prefer to have only a few of them. There are actually a number of ingredients that are otherwise underestimated and are not frequently used. Here is a list of ingredients that might not be commonly seen in a salad but are actually health.

1. Eggs – A number of people say that eggs do not help in weight loss, but the fact is that they are packed with protein and provide with ample energy to workout. They are also good for the overall health and also help in maintaining the body immunity. Eggs can be added to Kale, brussels sprouts, carrots, sweet potatoes or broccoli.

2. Bell peppers – Red, green and yellow bell peppers are also known as sweet peppers and are stuffed with vitamin C and dihydrocaposiate and help to improve the body metabolism. It also helps to burn the extra fat around your belly and regulates the stress hormones. They can be added with avocados, vinegar and black beans.

3. Legumes – These are another source of protein and are also rich in fibre. They not just help in reducing weight, but also reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. Legumes can be consumed with citrus dressings along with feta cheese, radish and some cucumber.

4. Berries – Berries have plenty of water content in it and also have the ability to reduce your hunger pangs that is common when you are trying to reduce some weight. Berries can be added with chicken and onions.
Salad should be eaten during the day time and not in the night as they have fibre and could fall heavy on your digestion system.

Photo Credits: Pixabay