Ways to eat healthy without sacrificing your favourite foods

It is actually possible to remain healthy and lose weight without sacrificing the foods that you love


Eating healthy is surely an essential factor for those who might either have a health related issue, or are trying to lose some weight. Let us face the fact that eating healthy also means to give up on your favourite food that could be processed or unhealthy. But what if you need not give up or sacrifice your favourite food and also take care that you are eating healthy. That is indeed possible and all you have to do is make a little more effort. Make sure that whatever you are eating, make it as healthy as possible. Also make sure that you are eating in balance.

1. Opt for a healthy – There is a point during the day time when you feel hungry before your meal time. Under such times, make sure that you select a health-friendly options like nuts, fruits, cheese sticks or dates. Avoid any kind of salty or deep fried food.

2. Remain hydrated – Through the day make sure that you drink as much of water as possible as it keeps you feel full for a longer time and also washes off the toxins from the body.

3. Make a healthy yet yummy smoothie – Make a healthy smoothie that contains vegetables, fresh fruits and nuts which makes it not just healthy but also satisfies your palate.

4. Control your portions – A number of nutritionists have said that there is no harm in eating food that is deep fried or processed once in a while, but you have to take care about the portion size which has to be medium.

5. Have deserts in a limited portion – Even deserts are allowed in a limited portion. So if you love to have ice cream, then there is no harm in having one scoop of it.

6. Gradually limit your portion – If you have the habit of eating large portions. You can gradually decrease the amount of your portion that will do the magic.

Photo Credits: Pixabay