Factors that could disturb your sleep

A disturbed sleep can lead to irritability and drowsiness throughout the day


Facing sleep problems has become very common especially during the time of pandemic when most of the people are staying indoors and are working less. If you are finding it hard to fall asleep during the night, then there can be a number of reasons for it. You need to identify such problems and work on them. Here are a few factors that could be responsible for disturbing your sleep in the night.

1. Working out before exercise – It is a bad idea to go through a hard workout before you hit the bed. A light walk is fine, but a heavy cardio workout, stimulates the nervous system and other functions of the body and makes it tough to fall asleep. While sleeping the body temperature and the heart rate has to slightly come down to fall asleep.

2. Drinking alcohol before sleep – It is one of the big mistakes many people do. Drinking alcohol before sleep ruins the sleep and if you are practicing this then you need to stop doing this at once and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. Drinking coffee or tea before bed – Another mistake that many make. Coffee and tea has caffeine and makes the mind alert. Having these beverages is recommended during the afternoon time and not late in the evening.

4. Improper room temperature – When you are sleeping, the temperature of the room has to be appropriate as the body temperature has to come down. A heated bedroom is less favourable for sleeping.

5. Work stress – Everyday activities and worries also take away the sound sleep from you. You can write down your worries before bed time and also write down things that you are grateful for.

6. Snoring partner – A snoring partner can also be a factor. In order to block the snoring noise, you can use ear plugs or a noise-machine to block the sound.

Photo Credits: Pixabay