Things to keep in mind while travelling during pandemic

Travelling during pandemic might be a risky affair, but a few precautions can help to keep you safe


The coronavirus pandemic is a time when people need to be extra careful while stepping out of the house. While a number of countries have announced lockdowns for the safety of people, there are still situations when it becomes unavoidable to step out and travel. When you do not have a choice, you can keep a few things in mind to remain safe from the ongoing situation.

1. Take a few essentials – This is not a normal time when you are travelling so you need to carry a few essentials with you. The extra kit will help you to maintain proper hygiene when you are making your way through public places. Your kit has to include a hand sanitizer, toilet seat disinfectant spray, disinfectant wipes and extra face masks.

2. Be careful and avoid touching surfaces – The public places is surely a breeding place for viruses and you do not know since when any surface might have been infected. Be conscious and make sure that you don’t touch any surfaces like the stair case support, elevator buttons, ATM buttons and others.

3. Carry your own book – While travelling, many people tend to buy a book from the book stall or tend to read the maps or magazines provided by the airlines. But now make sure you have your own book. Avoid buying maps, books or pamphlets from the airport.

4. Keep wiping – Before you sit on a chair make sure you spray some disinfectant. Also make sure that you spray the tray in front of you, before you place your food. Keep wiping things that could have come in to contact with other people.

5. Zip lock bags – Make sure you carry your important objects like passport, mobile phones or wallets in a zip lock bag to make sure that they do not come in to contact of any infected surfaces.

6. Get your own food and water – The airlines are allowing this these days. Carry your own food and own water as far as possible.

Photo Credits: Pixabay