Toxic ingredients in moisturizer that could be harmful for the skin

Your moisturizer could have a few ingredients that can be actually harmful for the skin


Moisturizer is a very integral part of skin care. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, when a number of people are using hand wash to maintain hygiene, a good moisturizer is a basic measure to get rid of dry hands that are caused due to constant use of hand washes. It hydrates the skin while making it look fresh and plump. But not many are aware that most of the moisturizers available in the market contain some substances which are toxic. Here are a few toxic ingredients that could be found in most of the moisturizers and could harm the skin.

1. Parabens – This is a kind of preservative and has been a topic of controversy since a long time. These parabens are also linked to breast cancer due to which more companies are now looking forward to introduce paraben-free products. They are also known as propylparaben, ethylparaben or methylparaben.

2. Mineral oils – This ingredient seems healthy and is actually good for the skin, but some of the health experts have linked it to organ toxicity. They clog the pores and it can lead to breakouts in the skin and other skin issues.

3. Artificial colorants – These are certainly not good for any of the skin types. They could be present in almost every skin care product but they are not safe to use due to skin safety as well as environmental safety issues.

4. Hydroquinone – This is also a skin ingredient which is not very popular with the skincare experts. It is a skin lightener which is banned in a number of countries but continues to be there in a number of over-the-counter skin care products.

5. Cyclic Silicones – Silicones help to add the luster effect to the hair and skin and makes it look silky , smooth and young. They are again not good as they are not healthy for the skin and should not be used as it is not good for the environment.

Photo Credits: Pixabay