6 Hacks to have a flatter stomach with ease

A flatter stomach is something that everyone desires for and a few hacks can actually help you to achieve it faster

flat stomach

Lockdown is a time when most of the people struggled with having a flat belly. Some people tried their hand in keeping a control on their diet. But that might not be helpful every time. Not many are aware that there are also a few easy ways to attain a flat stomach. There are a few habits that could help to lose weight quickly. Here are a few secret habits that could help you to attain a flatter stomach.

1. Workout before bed – Just before you hit the bed every night. Workout for a just 8 minutes. This will give you a flat stomach when you get up in the morning.

2. Take cold water shower – Before going to bed take a shower with cold water. It helps to lower the body temperature and stimulates brown fat, that helps to burn the extra calories. If you are not used to cold water, then you can switch to luke warm water.

3. Have a healthy breakfast – Include some of the healthy foods like dark chocolates, oatmeal, red fruits, nuts and a pinch of cinnamon. These foods contain butyric acid and helps to reduce the inflammation and is also helpful in improving insulin sensitivity.

4. Avoid Mexican or Chinese food – Chinese and Mexican have high sodium content and can lead to uncomfortable bloating problems. People who are sensitive to acidity or heartburn should avoid these foods.

5. No energy bars – Energy bars might sound healthy and are good for people who are about to get ready for a heavy workout. But you desire for a flat stomach then it is better to say no to energy bars as they are high on calorie content.

6. Limit consumption of raisins – Consuming raisins can cause dehydration despite the fact that they are nutritious. But they can cause swelling and gas. You can opt for fresh fruits instead which have a lot of fibre content.

Photo Credits: Pixabay